Halong Bay Party Cruise: Best Choice For Young Adults

If you’ve searched for ‘Halong Bay party cruise’ and reached this blog post, pretty sure you are fed up with massive number of travel agencies who offers the same trip with same boring activities! Doing Taichi, watching cooking demonstration or sitting fixed on a bamboo boat? No, those don’t suit your wild soul! A party cruise will!

Make the most out of your trip by joining a Halong Bay party cruise! Enjoy booze, music when surrounded by the magnificence of the ocean and thousands of limestone islands. In this blog, we will help you have the time of your life in Halong Bay!

Halong Bay Party Cruise: What are the Differences?

The name itself should tell you what this tour is! It’s all about adventures, booze, music, chit chats, dancing and having a good time! If you aren’t so much into these things or too tired after a whole day exploring Halong, this tour might be off the table. But if you are open to having unique traveling experiences, you should definitely join it. Let’s take a look at the list and decide it for yourself!

a. Itinerary

Beside activities that any cruise offers (sightseeing, kayaking and swimming), a party cruise will get you warm up with water trampoline, boat jumping, rock climbing, beach volleyball, beach football and much more that will make your trip unforgettable. When the sun sets, it’s time to turn on your party mode. Enjoy hours of free booze, music and dance the night away with other young travelers! Different tours will offer different activities, just make sure you are not too drunk when booking one. Need to be sober enough to choose the one that suits your interests the best!

bamboo boat rowing is not included in halong bay party cruise
Instead of sitting fixed on a bamboo boat, you will experience more wild group activities
taking photos with group of friends on a halong bay party cruise
Get together with friends, and cheese!
jumping from top of halong bay party cruise
Or jump from top of the boat? Lot of fun, for sure!
floating mattress of halong bay party cruise
Resting on a floating mattress after playing hard!

b. Price

The price varies based on quality as well as itinerary length of the Halong Bay party cruise you choose. However, you can expect to pay around $100 for 2 days and 1 night (parties are much better at night, right? So don’t book the cheap one day tour if you’re looking for a night spent right on board). Of course the higher you paid, the more activities you might be involved in.

c. Cruise Mates

Of course it’s better to go with your whole squad as you all have practiced partying together for long. But if you’re doing the trip solo, don’t worry about not being able to mingle. A party cruise is what most young travelers look for in Halong Bay so you will be surrounded by them only. And surely everyone who loves parties loves making friends!

taking photos with friends on halong bay party cruise
Don’t worry about not being able to mingle
taking photos with friends on halong bay party cruise
Because surely everyone who loves parties loves making friends!
sit and drink near bonfire on halong bay party cruise
Just sitting and drinking together is enough to make good friends

Best Halong Bay Party Cruises in 2019

Oasis Bay Party Cruise

The Oasis Bay Party Cruise is one of the largest boats in Halong Bay, which promises you a full-capacity party! The ticket might be a bit pricy but in this case, you really get what you pay and it’s totally worth it! A party on board is no longer of a concern when you know the boat is fully equipped with the most advanced and upgraded technology. You can only party hard when you get carefree. Entering the boat, you will be overwhelmed by its size and impressive features all geared towards a fun trip to Halong Bay. And what surprises you the most should be the activities and festive vibes it brings. Go sightseeing, kayaking, water trampoline, swimming, boat jumping, beach volleyball, beach football, etc before getting drunk with their booze and music!

oasis bay overview halong bay party cruise
Oasis Bay party cruise is truly worth your money
live dj and party time on oasis bay halong bay party cruise
Live DJ and party time on Oasis Bay party cruise

Golden Bay Party Cruise

Go for this tour if you’re a heavy drinker! They offer 2 hours of free booze! In case you think you read it wrong due to hangover, yes, they give out free alcohol for 2 hours: FREE beer, FREE vodka and FREE rice wine! This may save you a 50 USD each person!!!! Apart from it, this tour includes all transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay and back to Hanoi, all food and accommodation and water sport activities as itinerary, all entrance and sightseeing fees to the Bay.

overview Golden Bay halong bay party cruise
Golden Bay party cruise
Cabins Golden Bay party cruise
Inside Golden Bay party cruise

Halong Bay Castaway Booze Cruise

This Halong Bay party cruise even offers you free draught beer in about 3 hours, Vodka, Fanta, mixed drink, etc. At the night party, you also participate in some games, squid fishing (optional), karaoke and dancing. Spend your day seeing the Bay, doing water sport activities and come back for party at night! It’s for party people!

sundeck castaway booze cruise halong bay party cruise
Halong Bay Castaway Booze Cruise

Tips to Make the Best Trip on a Halong Bay Party Cruise

Choose the Right Cruise

You don’t want to plan for months to visit Halong Bay and spend your night in frustration! First rule, choose the right cruise! It’s 2019, all the information should be on the Internet already, however, be aware of fake one! Look for information, read the reviews, use your logics! To choose the best cruise out there, you need to consider their itinerary, price and quality of the cruise. You want this trip to be your once-in-a-lifetime experience so be a bit more careful when looking at options.

Pick the Right Time

The weather in the North of Vietnam can be quite unpredictable. However, you should know exactly what you want to see to choose the right time for visit. There are 4 seasons in the North: Spring will be a bit chilly with drizzle. Summer can get real hot but it guarantees sunny days. Autumn can come with tropical storms, you really don’t want to travel that long just to hear your boat isn’t allowed to stay on sea after 5pm. And Winter, it might be a great time if you want to see a haunted Jurassic Park in fog. All in all, best time to visit Halong Bay and join a party cruise is from March to September, when water temperature is warm enough for you to do water sports!

Go with Your Crazy Friends

As we said earlier, your party will get so much better with your own squad. People always stay wildest next to people they trust. Gather your group of friends and together make the trip of your lives! Also, when booking a cruise with your group, surely you all will get good price from cruise companies.

Be safe

A party can’t be a party without alcohol. However, please keep it in mind that you’re in the middle of an ocean so it’s important to be aware of the surroundings! It’s hard to control yourself once you get too drunk, so maybe for your safety, put there some limit to make sure you will be safe.

visit halong bay on a halong bay party cruise
Halong Bay is forever charming if you know how to enjoy it!

We hope that the tips above are helpful to you somehow. If you have any further question regarding how to find the best Halong Bay party cruise, feel free to send us a message or email, we will be happy to guide you through this wonderful trip!