10 Best Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay: Explore the Wonders of Ha Long with Finest Cruise Liners

Welcome to Halong Bay! The awesome evergreen karsts, fishing villages, pearl farm stations, rocks, and hills rising up out of the sea. The fishermen take boats to and from the water village daily. They’ll see the impressive sights of limestone karsts and crystallized underwater caves.

Villagers around the bay will tell stories. One legend is of dragons who once built and defended the place. Some will handcraft delicate goods for you. Others will take you on a personalized water trek. Others may cook you lunch at their home. All can be experienced here.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its unique rock formations, beautiful floral arrangements, and diverse wildlife are woven together between the blue sky, sunshine, and crystal clear sea of the bay. Halong Bay has so much to see. It’s spread across a vast stretch of water. The fishermen and the sea animals love Halong Bay. Everyone likes to cruise around Halong Bay.

So, how can we see it? Well, the fishing boats are too small for you and the catch! It’s a bit dangerous to take your own boat, and you need a license. No worries, we show you a few boats to guide you around with lavishness.

We’ll look at the best Halong Bay Cruises. All allow you to indulge in luxury while discovering new lands. Each Halong Bay Cruise has its own features, with benefits. Each provides a distinct itinerary.

10 Best Cruises in Halong Bay

There is a Halong Bay Cruise for everyone. Almost all cruises offer transport to and from Hanoi. Let’s give you some of the cruises to look out for.

1. Stellar of the Sea

This gem launched in 2018 and is really living up to its name. Outside are the wonderfully impressive hills and islets covering the sea of Halong Bay.

Onboard, a mini-world of luxury awaits each guest. Spoil yourself with a refreshing spa and luxury massage. Enjoy a dip on the deck pool. Make the most of your experience. Get up at sunrise and do some Tai Chi. Go kayaking under caves. Take in the whole experience.

best luxury cruises in halong bay
Luxury cruise in Halong Bay – a World Heritage Site in Vietnam @ Stella of the Sea Website

The sunset on Halong Bay is the perfect photo moment and can be served alongside the mesmerizing views from the panoramic bar with a refreshing cocktail. A wine cellar is available for those connoisseurs onboard. You can eat like a prince with their a la carte fine dining service here.

This is a 5* cruise which tours exclusively around the Lan Ha Bay area. Cat Ba Island and Trung Trang Cave are landmark stops. You’ll meet local villagers and have a bigger range for discovery the longer you stay. There are 2-5 day itineraries available. The 22 cabins come with the finest decor and premium facilities, some with a private balcony.

There’s a luxury limousine available to take you to and from Hanoi (2.5 hours) or other cities close to Tuan Chau Port. Information can bookings can be made at Halong Hub.

This Halong Bay Cruise is convenient, comfortable, and classy. It is truly Stellar!

2. La Regina

You are looking at one of the most exquisite-looking junk boats around when it comes to La Regina. This is quite the cruise to take. You’ll experience grandeur similar to the old Emperor and his nobles from the Vietnam of old. It has that regal atmosphere with an Oriental style decor.

The room decor shows status. Important people stay here. The space on the cruise allows room for strolling and relaxing. All the mod-cons are available. The antique look is for pure aesthetics only. Services and facilities are top-notch here.

Operated by a local family, La Regina offers quite a variety of tours around the bay. You can visit Halong Bay, Lan Gha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay via La Regina. This is a luxury cruise that suits those who long for discovery. Halong Bay is an area with so many sights.

best luxury cruises in halong bay La Regina
Cruise ships in Halong @ La Regina Website

This is the best Halong Bay Cruise to discover a wide range of underwater activities. The dark and light cave, Paradise Cave, and Son Doong Cave are a few La Regina will take you on their small boats. Get your kayaking skills ready!

This cruise suits most people. With 27 comfortable cabins available, it is worth booking early. Though it’s worth checking the itineraries available beforehand. Some discover the vastness of Bai Tu Long Bay, missing the main sites. Others stay local to Lan Ha and Halong Bay.

You can indulge yourself in opulence with Indochina Culture surrounding you.

3. Peony Cruises

This is a rustic cruise liner. You’ll experience old Vietnam while having all modern amenities on hand. It’s a tight boat. Shaped like an old 19th-century junk boat, this is one of the most authentic cruise experiences in Halong Bay

The rooms are exquisite. The ship has been crafted to suit these waters. It is a soothing and relaxing cruise to embark upon the discovery of Halong Bay.

Though Peony doesn’t have the same space as other cruises, it does have a vibe of elegance and sophistication. The 20 cabins offer top-quality facilities and services. The bar is romantic at sunset.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Peony
Cruising the Halong Bay @ Peony Cruise Website

The pool is a refreshing choice after a hot day discovering caves, karsts, and islets around Lan Ha Bay. Da Chong Islet, Cai Trap Canal are examples of the places to be explored. Sunset cocktails and squid fishing are amongst the activities onboard.

Peony offers two different itineraries around the UNESCO World Heritage Site. For an extra fee, you can take a limousine bus from Hanoi. It is around 2 hours to GOT Port in Haiphong. Peony has a wonderful sunset bar and sun-drenched deck with loungers. The Emerald Ocean is the perfect setting for love.

Honeymoon packages are available. This is the cruise for romance to take place.

4. Mon Cheri Cruises

With 42 cabins decorated in the highest quality, you can guarantee a plethora of 5 star facilities and services when embarking on this cruise. Launched in early 2018, they offer the perfect combination of the sophistication of classic European form and the rustic essence of Vietnamese style.

Dark wood and elegant malbec hues give Mon Cherie an air of prestige, while still feeling warm and cozy thanks to the soft lighting and plush upholstery. Panoramic windows stretch across the walls of the spacious cabins, so guests get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from anywhere on the ship.

best luxury cruises in halong bay mon cheri
Cruise boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam, Southeast Asia @ Mon Cheri Website

Each cabin comes with a private balcony from which you can enjoy your morning coffee, your evening glass of wine, and everything else in between. Connecting family cabins are available.

Mon Chéri Cruises takes utmost pride as the first and the only cruise in the region to serve halal Food, with Halal Certificate issued by Halal Vietnam Association. They accommodate all special diets including Kosher, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free.

It’s an easy journey from Hanoi to Haiphong City.

5. Orchid Cruises

Orchid Cruise embodies the typical luxury Halong Bay cruise. It offers the highest level of professionalism and hospitality that exceeds expectations, even those who are accustomed to the high life.

The company takes pride in being the first cruise line that sailed through Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay. Orchid Halong Bay Cruise is consistently providing guests with the best highlights of these picturesque areas.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Orchid cruise
Sailing through all the nature wonder of Halong Bay @ Orchid Cruises Website

Orchid Cruises will allow you to explore the sheer beauty of Halong Bay and the more secretive and secluded areas. Other cruises don’t offer the same itinerary. Orchid Cruise is the pioneer of certain routes.

Orchid Cruise has 14 luxury cabins, top-notch amenities, and a professional crew that will provide exceptional service throughout. The cabins with panoramic sea views are incredible.

The service has been described as being out of this world.

6. Emperor Cruises

Welcome to the new world of the Halong Bay Cruise. Inspired by the lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, the last Emperor of Vietnam, Emperor Cruises are considered to be the best Halong Bay Cruise by some for a reason: there’s no wallet needed once onboard.

Everything is included in the package. This is the first all-inclusive Halong Bay Cruise. No need to worry about a final bill at the end of this luxury cruise.

Emperor Cruises provide both familiar and off-the-beaten-track tours around Ha Long Bay. Their cruises range from 2-day to 5-days. You’ll find their cruises anchored everywhere. You can visit Sung Sot Cave. You can venture further and head to Vung Vieng fishing village. This is the best cruise to find an itinerary bespoke to your needs.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Emperor
A beatiful cruise ship with blue ocean in Halong @ Emperor Website

You’ll discover more private areas with a hideaway tour. Some can tour around on a chartered cruise, dividing their time between Hanoi and the Halong Bay area. This can be a trip for sightseeing photo snaps. It could be a trip of discovery. It could be just to do kayaking and fishing!

The rooms are spectacular. Marble bathrooms and mini-bars offer the opportunity for decadence surrounded by beauty. You are a VIP surrounded by decor and vibes of 1930’s Vietnamese Aristocracy mixed with modern-day luxury.

The onboard entertainment is in abundance. Watch a film in the cinema. Meander around their private art gallery. Most prefer to enjoy a sunset drink while listening to the talented musicians on show. Excellent stuff.

7. La Regina Royal

This is the Regina Royal, a cruise fit for a Queen.

La Regina, the Latin name for Queen, is looking to conquer Halong Bay. she wants to take everyone on a tour, to show Halong Bay through her eyes.

It is for couples or for people looking to explore tranquil areas of Halong Bay. The boat whistlestops for some fabulous photo opportunities. Kayaking is available at Van Boi. The luxury cruise has a tour to show you a 7000-year-old fishing village and fish farms, with a wide range of sea life to be observed.

You can find yourself sunbathing on one of Lan Ha Bay’s pristine beaches on a La Regina stop. You can tour Halong Bay to see the spectacular array of islets and grottos around which have been shaped by the force of nature.

best luxury cruises in halong bay La Regina Royal
Boats cruising Halong Bay, a beautiful natural environment near Hanoi, Vietnam @ La Regina Website

La Regina is a Halong Bay Cruise tour that provides a cruise and itinerary to suit everyone. The Royal is geared towards the younger generations, with friends and couples coming onboard.

This is a luxurious trip with all the conveniences included. You have private space. You can tour a large area in one of these Halong Bay Cruises. One of these cruises will give you an unforgettable experience at the Halong Bay World Heritage site.

Rooms and cruises can be booked via Halong Hub.

8. Garden Bay Cruises

This is a cruise in Halong Bay that offers fun and frolics, while in a luxurious setting. This is one of the Halong Bay Cruises that takes you everywhere you should see while around Halong Bay. It is a luxury cruise that offers the opportunity to explore, take memorable pictures, and be pampered at the same time.

This Halong Bay Cruise offers stops at various places. The day cruise has a stop at Soi Sim Island. The boat cruises past the Fighting Dog and Stone Dog islets while people enjoy a buffet lunch.

Guests onboard will see some of the more private areas of Halong Bay. Bo Nau Cave is explored in addition to a few stops made around the less touristy Bai Tu Long Bay.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Garden Bay
Expore what the Mother Nature offers in Halong Bay by luxury cruises @ Garden Bay Cruises Website

This is the best Halong Bay Cruise for those looking to explore a mixture of famous natural spots in addition to discovering more of the hidden and private areas of Halong Bay. While sailing, activities such as morning Tai Chi and early evening cooking class are available to enjoy.

The room, or rooms, offer time to relax and enjoy the amazing views around. Garden Bay Cruises provide an active trip with a diverse itinerary compared to other cruises.

9. Paradise Cruise Explorer and Elegance

The Paradise Cruise Explorer could be the best Halong Bay Cruise for a one-day cruise in the area. It is quite a luxurious day out. The boat departs in the morning and arrives back just after sunset.

The Paradise Cruise Explorer was a Trip advisor traveler’s choice for one-day cruises in Halong Bay 2020. It is viewed as the best cruise for a one-day trip.

The Elegance is a step up in quality to the Explorer. It offers a two-night itinerary with luxurious rooms and private settings. It is one that tours the Bay at night. All rooms come with air-conditioning and a private bathroom. Each room is bespoke with some offering bespoke terraces and walk-in closets.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Paradise Cruise
Take a vacation on a luxury cruise in Halong Bay should be in your bucket list @ Paradise Cruise Website

The cruise has butlers onboard to personalize service to your requirements. Spa treatments are on this luxury cruise are the perfect way to unwind after a long day discovering caves and islets around the area.

As expected, the one-day trip will offer luxury in addition to activities and discovery. You stop at Sung Sot Cave and experience activities such as kayaking and drinks on the deck at sunset.

On the three-day Elegance Cruise, you get far more luxury. You dine at Le Marin restaurant, experiencing a range of delicious cuisines cooked fresh for you.

Early morning Tai Chi helps to arouse the senses ready to venture out. The best luxury works with natural landscapes at times. Enjoying a beautiful sunset at the Piano Bar has had people talking. This is a great cruise.

10. Paradise Cruise – Peak

This is like heaven on a ship. The name represents the boat’s cozy and opulent atmosphere. It puts you into a dream. This is considered to be amongst the best luxury cruise liners in Halong Bay.

Each room allows one to be spoilt. The Junior Suite has a private dining area! Imagine dining exclusively while gliding along this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is what Halong Bay Cruises are for, right?

The rooms are 5 stars in every way. There’s a great view. Facilities include a walk-in shower, a safe, and a minibar. Some rooms have a balcony. Other rooms have a jacuzzi. Each room has a distinct layout. All rooms are showered with luxury.

best luxury cruises in halong bay Paradise Peak
Each cruise has its unique decoration @ Paradise Cruise – Peak Website

There are eight incredible rooms which get reserved well in advance. These suites are palatial and offer the ultimate way to pamper yourself in a room while visiting Halong Bay.

The cruise offers a variety of activities to do throughout the day and evening. Tai Chi takes place on the deck early morning. This is a wonderful time to see Halong Bay.

What is even more wonderful is having a library and lounge area to relax when the sun becomes too invasive. This is definitely one Cruise to consider if you want the utmost in terms of luxury.

The best Halong Bay Cruise

We’ve looked at 10 of the best Halong Bay Cruises in 2021. There are plenty of rooms available on these cruise liners. All are endowed with luxury and the finest service available. Most offer a transfer to and from Hanoi.

All offer fine dining to cater to different tastes. All have a sun deck to see the spectacular naturally formed sights. Most have an outdoor jacuzzi or pool. Each room and cruise gives its own impression of Halong Bay. The rooms have incredible treats to enjoy while cruising, such as robes, slippers, and a mini-bar.

All cruises provide various itineraries. Most will tour the familiar, well-sailed waves. They will stop at the famous places around Lan Ha and Halong Bay. Stops at Cat Ba Island regularly happen. Kayaking is a regular part of any itinerary. If coming to Halong first time, what do you want to see? Do you want to see the famous spots, or go a little further?

Some cruises go a little further. You can visit fishing villages and pearl farm spots on extended journeys. These are places not frequented by as many visitors. People can check out Bai Tu Long Bay. It’s a bit further out, through the adventure is very rewarding.

You can see local life around Bai Tu Long, as it was before mass tourism hit Halong Bay. There is a choice. Some first-timers to Halong Bay prefer to see the main sites. Others who visit again tend to look for areas they haven’t seen before.

top best luxury cruises in halong bay
Beautiful luxury cruises in Halong Bay @ Amy Rollo / Unsplash

Some like a night cruise. Some just want their rooms to be comfortable and to get a few photos. Some tourists want luxurious rooms and the outdoor jacuzzi, whereas others just want to see as much of Halong Bay as possible.

Whether it’s Emperor quality rooms, or an itinerary to boost your photo collection, all tours offer something to suit your needs. We can recommend cruises to suit certain groups. Unfortunately, we can’t make an itinerary for you.

Have a look at the cruises we’ve mentioned today. Halong Hub can help you with further information. They can create an itinerary to suit what you are looking for.

You will have some incredible moments. You’ll likely experience a few problems. That is the art of travel, to suffer for beauty!

Halong Bay is one of the most treasured travel experiences in Vietnam. Make sure you see and experience this moment to the full with one of our luxury Halong Bay cruises.